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  1. Internet speed required for video streaming in Malaysia ?


    In Malaysia, there are many channel to stream for video online. But, please aware that there's a minimum recommended internet speed for streaming video from websites and services, such as Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon.Some users may not need to worry about their available bandwidth because they have fast internet connection, for instance, TIME Fibre Internet. Therefore, they are able to easily stream high-def content. But this scenario doesn't apply to everyone, so others should be aware about it. 

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  2. Is 100Mbps Internet Speed fast enough?

    100mbps internet speed

    Are you looking for home fibre internet ? Can't decide which plan to choose since there are so many plans out there in the market ? Is it the faster the better ? For instance , 100Mbps ? 

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  3. Unifi- Boost your speed 10x with no cost!

    Unifi 10x faster

    Acting group CEO Datuk Bazlan Osman on 3rd JUL announced that Unifi Turbo plans would more than double the speed of current packages and at no extra cost to customers. However, he did not specify how much faster the packages would be.

    Therefore, during last Friday, Telekom Malaysia’s official Unifi Twitter account revealed that customers can look forward to a 10x increase in speed for its Unifi Turbo plans.

    Yes, is 10x increase in speed 

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  4. Time Internet now available in these Condo!

    New Condo With TIME

    Since 2016, TIME has change everything by launching internet speed as high as 500Mbps! But, many people still feeling frustrated and disappointed with the internet speed as most of the area in Malaysia still don’t have coverage for TIME.

    Don’t be sad, guys! We have some good news for you! 
    These few condos are now available for the fastest internet in Malaysia!  Let’s find out is it the location you are staying currently???

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  5. Best Gaming Internet Speed in Malaysia


    Nowadays, almost all gaming devices are connected to the internet, whether that be a PC, PS4 , Xbox One, Nitendo Wii U or Nitendo Switch.

    In this blog post we break down what internet speeds are best for each type of gaming.

    We will also go beyond speed and look at other key factors to consider when optimizing your online gaming experience...

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  6. 25% Price Drop for Internet Plan

    Broadband price drop 25%

    PUTRAJAYA: Fixed broadband prices are expected to drop by at least 25% by year end in a move by the Pakatan Harapan government to fulfil its election manifesto pledge...

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  7. RM50 discount for all broadband!

    Broadband promo

    Looking for home fibre internet for the house you are moving in ?

    Need a stable internet so that you can play online games with your friends after class ?

    Desperate for fast internet to submit / upload assignment ?

    Lucky you ! We have a great deal for you !, a student reward platform, is currently offering RM50 cash rebate for students who are looking for home fibre internet !

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  8. New Unifi Plan, 30Mbps for under RM100!

    unifi new package

    Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today announced the revision of its Headline Key Performance Indicators amidst evolving market dynamics and a challenging operational environment. The Group also announced the implementation of its Performance Improvement Programme 2018 (PIP 2018) – a continuation of its transformation journey, now in its 4th wave. 

    TM announced the introduction of its new Broadband and mobile plans to boost its market leadership position and deliver on the national broadband aspiration with respect to price, speed and coverage.

    The new plans are as detailed below:

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  9. Short term contract available! TIME Fibre Internet

    TIME short contract

    Looking for a short contract period internet plan? Doesn't feel like committing 24-month to your internet broadband ?
    No worries ! TIME fibre broadband has come out with a brand new 12-month contract that suit your needs!

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  10. Price Drop! Maxis Home Fibre Internet

    maxis price drop

    Great news, guys! Maxis promo is back! 
    Now, they are offering 10Mbps Home Broadband plan for price as low as RM 119.00 per month. In addition to that, users can go for 30Mbps with RM 139.00 only...

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